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Travel Guides Hot off the press

Hot Off The Press: New Release Travel Guides August 2017

Each month I’m scrolling through the New Release Travel Guides on Amazon to see which Traditionally published and Indie published ...
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Turkish Breakfast

Could you write a Travel Guide Book that focused on Slow Travel?

I became a Slow Traveler long before I knew there was a name for it was a concept. Rather than ticking ...
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How to Write A Travel Guide Series cover Jay Artale 4 part series

Introduction to my How to Write a Travel Guide Series

I’m currently working on BOOK ONE is a series of four books to help streamline your Travel Guide writing journey ...
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Inspiration and resources for writing a local travel guide.

Think Local, Share Global: Local Travel Guides Pt.2

Local Travel Guides A couple of weeks ago I wrote Pt.1 of this article series which sang the praises of the ...
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Have you thought about writing a local travel guide?

Think Local, Share Global: Local Travel Guides Pt.1

Local Travel Guide opportunity My biggest oversight during my time in Los Angeles was that I didn’t write local travel ...
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Go Digital ebook from freepik

Go Digital or Go Home: Why you need to release an ebook

When traditional publishing ruled the world, the only way to get your book in front of readers was to work ...
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Writing your travel guide

3 Must Have Elements when writing your Travel Guide

This Quick Tip article introduces you to 3 key travel writing elements that need to be a consideration when you write your travel ...
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Journey Travel Guide Road into Horizon

Types of Travel Guide #3: Journey Travel Guide

All about The Journey Travel Guide In this article we’re going to look at the definition of a Journey travel guide, and ...
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