How to Write your Travel Guide Book 1: Plan It

How to Write A Travel Guide Series cover Jay Artale 4 part series

In the first book in my “How to Write a Travel Guide” series I’m going to focus entirely on the Planning Process.

How to Write A Travel Guide Series cover Jay Artale 1 Plan ItYou may be tempted to skip this planningstep and dive straight into the writing phase, but the more time you spend on this initial planning phase will benefit you in the long-run.

As an indie author, there’s no point writing a travel guide about a destination that has already been covered profusely and effectively, unless you can bring a different angle to the topic. By following this easy six step process for planning a travel guide, you will be able to validate your ideas against the marketplace potential of the topic you want to write about.

6 Step Process

I’ve broken the Planning Process into six manageable steps:

  • Step One: Brainstorm your ideas
  • Step Two: Assess your category
  • Step Three: Research your competition
  • Step Four: Refine your content angle
  • Step Five: Define your target audience
  • Step Six: Create your working title

If you believe you have a fresh perspective or insights to add to a destination you’re passionate about – this book is for you.

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September 5, 2017