Start your self-publishing addiction with Amazon’s new 12-step Program KDP Jumpstart

Amazon's Jumpstart Training KDP

If you’re new to Kindle Direct Publishing and want to self-publish your own book via Amazon KDP but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. Amazon have just created KDP Jumpstart, which is a streamlined, step-by-step process for self-publishing your book on their KDP platform.

Introducing KDP Jumpstart

Amazon have broken up their Jumpstart process into four major milestones:

  1. Getting started
    Book details
    Manuscript & Cover
    Rights & pricing

Here’s a webinar they posted on YouTube which includes the Jumpstart Program essentials:

Jumpstart your Amazon KDP journey in 12 steps

Here’s the links to Amazon’s 12 Jumpstart steps, and I’ve included some of the key videos they feature in their instructions. As well as providing detailed written instruction for each step they provide prompts on what to do next, insider tips, and Activity summaries.

Getting Started


Set up your account (U.S. publishers)


Set up your account (non-U.S. publishers)

Book Details


Write your book description


Help readers find your book


Build your Amazon detail page

Manuscript & Cover


Introduction to book design


Format your manuscript (eBook only)


Format your manuscript (eBook and paperback)


Design your cover


Upload your book

Rights & Pricing


eBook rights & pricing


Paperback rights & pricing

Amazon have structured the content in such a way that you can work your way through each section, or jump directly to the area you need help in.

Have you tried Amazon’s Jumpstart yet?

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