Print version of Freewriting for Travel Writers in the works

Print Cover of Freewriting for Travel Writers - Beta version

From ebook to POD

Now that my ebook Freewriting for Travel Writers is selling consistently I decided it was time to bring out a print version. The two elements I needed to get in place to make this print version available was a print version of the cover, and internal content formatted for print.

Freewriting for Travel Writers internal formatting

Luckily Vellum just brought out (on June 3rd) the functionality to format print books in their Vellum software. Historically we could only create ebooks (MOBI and ePub versions) – but now we can create print versions too.

I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Vellum software update so that I could start converting my ebooks to POD books. I decided to start off with my Freewriting guide, because the ebook is selling well, and I have a set of 10 free PDF Freewriting Prompt workbooks that accompany this book, so by adding a POD version I have 3 different ways of reaching readers through this line of products.

I’m producing this book through Amazon’s CreateSpace and IngramSpark.

Freewriting for Travel Writers cover design

I’ve been searching around for a cover designer that I can start building a long term relationship with, and I was happy to have stumbled across Jess.

I provided her with my ebook cover and told her she had free-range to redesign or use whatever elements she wanted from the original. I had anticipated that she would use my same licensed image, as I was planning on using that for the entire line-look of books in this series. So I was a little surprised with the complete change of direction.

Here’s two of the concept designs for the new Freewriting print book cover. I discounted the blue cover because I’m not a fan of that kind of slick computer-generated illustration, but I was drawn to the orange cover because of the use of the suitcase (and because orange is my favorite color!) – but I didn’t like the rose on top of the books. Other than that it would have been perfect.

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I asked Jess to find a different suitcase to use .. and was anticipating another orange cover, but the new suitcase worked better on this aqua cover, and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it. I can just image this cover on online retailer pages, and I know it will capture reader’s attention. The design and color feels slightly retro. What do you think?

Freewriting for Travel Writers Jay Artale


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