Our latest Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon Podcast is out

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Each month Michael La Ronn and I release a new beginners’ podcast to help indie authors achieve their writing and self-publishing goals.

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About this podcast episode

Just because you’re trying to juggle a full or part-time job with family commitments doesn’t mean you can’t also work on your indie author dreams and aspirations. All you need is a stable foundation to build upon.

This is a Fringe highlight session from our Beginners’ podcast team Michael La Ronn and Jay Artale. Join Michael and Jay as they extoll the virtues of the indie author triangle of success:the right mindset, effective writing tools (that work for you), and a strong support network. 

They share how to create writing systems that produce consistent words day after day, the right tools to make the most of your limited time, and how to develop a support system to keep you going in the hard times. Even if you only have just a few minutes a day to write your next novel or non-fiction book, this podcast will inspired you to write better, write faster, and build the foundation for your self-publishing career. Don’t let your fear of failure or doubts as a writer hold you back.

Here’s a summary of the topics we covered in this episode:

  • Writer’s Mindset Challenges
  • Reasons for Not Writing
  • Author’s Fear of Failure
  • Conquering Mindset Challenges
  • Finding Time to Write
  • Work Life Balance
  • Where and When you Write
  • Essential Writing Tools
  • Dictation Tools for writers
  • Building an Author Support Network

During the planning stages of this podcast that was originally part of the recent Indie Author Fringe event our intent was that we focused on tools and techniques, but as we began the discussion it became evident that we were both most passionate about Mindset, and the importance of authors having the right mindset to curb the doubt and negativity that are standing in their way.

I hope you enjoy this podcast episode, let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. And if you have the time, please leave your feedback about our podcast on your podcast platform of choice. We know that most of our audience listens via iTunes so please help us out by leaving a review about the show.

If you’d like to read the Show Transcript – visit the Self-Publishing Advice Centre website.