Co-hosting the 2017 London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe

London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe 2017

We’ve just wrapped up another Indie Author Fringe online conference. Saturday’s event was held in association with the London Book Fair, and focused on the writing and production aspects of creating a book.

What is Indie Author Fringe?

Indie Author Fringe is a three-times a year, online conference for self-publishing authors, brought to you by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), fringe to the major global publishing fairs.

ALLi brings together the most up-to-date self-publishing education and information available and broadcasts it to authors everywhere. Running 24 sessions over 24 continuous hours allows our members, and other authors round the globe, to attend some live sessions, no matter where they’re located.

Over the course of the year, we take authors across all stages of the author-publishing journey: writing, editorial, design, production, distribution, sales, marketing, rights licensing, money matters and living the indie author life. And thanks to the generosity of our speakers and sponsors, it’s all free.

We had an influential group of speakers and sponsors involved with this event, including Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Draft2Digital, Reedsy, Bookbaby, I co-host this event with author’s Orna Ross and David Penny, and as well as getting planning and organizing the event we also present one of the agenda sessions.

My Indie Author Fringe Presentation

I put together a presentation about how authors can use ebooks to build their non-fiction niche. In this session you will learn how to evaluate the topics you’re passionate about and create a content niche.

Jay Artale on the Indie Author Fringe Agenda

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My Indie Author Fringe Article

As well as my presentation about using ebooks to develop a non-fiction niche, I also wrote an article about how authors can get help from ALLi with their self-publishing journey.

Jay Artale on the Indie Author Fringe Agenda

Joseph Alexander’s Indie Author Fringe Presentation

The vast majority of the agenda at the Indie Author Fringe events is focused on topics mostly relevant to fiction writers, but we’ve started to broaden the focus of these events to include more non-fiction topics. Our London Fringe event also featured successful non-fiction author Joseph Alexander

Joseph Alexander is a guitar teacher who publishes “How-To” guides, and to date has sold more than a million books. In an interview with David Penny, Joseph shared how he has used organic and direct promotion, together with email automation, to now make over $1200 a day from his guitar guides. His session covered the early stages of planning a book, through the writing process and building a mailing list, and the importance of strong branding and visibility.

More Fringe Information

Here’s the link to more information about this Fringe Event:

The sponsors are offering different discounts and deals, so if you’re ready to publish your book you can safe yourself some money on the production or distribution of your book.

Our next Fringe Event is on June 3rd and will focus on book marketing and promotion.