Book Signing for HN Klett’s “Pirate Queen”

Pirate Queen Book Signing

Pirate Queen

Congratulations to Nick Klett for releasing his “Pirate Queen” onto the world’s stage. I’m proud to have been part of his book production team. His first book was published by Raven Rock Press and I formatted the book using Vellum.

Pirate Queen Production Team

“Pirate Queen” is a Young Adult Fantasy, and I’m obviously not the target audience for it, but during the formatting process I found myself getting distracted from the task at hand and losing myself in the narrative. That’s a testament to Nick’s ability to capture your attention with his words and swooping you up into Hailey Heartstone’s adventure.

Hailey Heartstone’s life is swept into a storm of peril after she stumbles upon an ancient talking book, the book of the legendary Pirate Queen. Once unlocked, its dangerous power thrusts her into a world full of deadly mists and phantom pirates intent on recovering what once was theirs.

Kidnapped from her family, Hailey must face true fear as she is forced into a journey to protect the power that she found and seek out those willing to help her save all that she loves before it is too late.

Nick’s book is available via AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooks and Indiebound, and he’s doing a book signing later this month. So if you’re in the Greensboro, North Carolina area on March 21st, show your indie author support and visit him to say hi.

Pirate Queen Book Signing

Although my indie publishing niche is primarily travel and non-fiction how to books, I’m enthusiastic about working on any non-ficiton or fiction book to help indie authors acheive their self-publishing and publishing dreams.

Hopefully he’s already working on Book 2 in the series, and I look forward to working with him again.

Congrats Nick!

Connect with Nick:

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March 12, 2017