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Birds of a Feather is a Non-Fiction Independent Press and Writer's Collective that specialises in publishing books BY writers with an independent spirit, FOR readers with an independent spirit.

  • We publish Travel Guides to encourage holiday makers and travellers to get off the beaten path and connect with and support the local community, and
  • We also publish non-fiction books that empower people to achieve their dreams, goals and objectives - big and small.

Our readers learn new skills and tread new paths with our books. We inspire them to get out of their comfort zone and spread their wings. 


I'm Jay Artale, and I write travel guides and nonfiction writing guides aimed at travel writers and travel bloggers. I joined the Alliance of Independent Authors as Communications Manager in 2014 to hone my self-publishing experience and expertise, and now I'm co-organizer and a regular presenter at the Indie Author Fringe (a 3X per year online self-publishing conference for Indie Authors) and have launched my own independent press to publish my non-fiction books and those from other like-minded authors and travel writers.

Do you have a travel guide, travel memoir, or nonfiction book in the travel niche bubbling inside you with itchy feet? Set it free! I love helping other travel bloggers and writers to achieve their self-publishing dreams. And I can offer as much, or as little help as you need. 

I can hold your hand every step of the way, or just offer input and advice in the areas you need help in.

Getting your book into your reader's hands is a multifaceted process. It starts with writing and editing, before ebbing into design, production and distribution. Then just when you thought you could take a break ... that's when the marketing and promotion begins!

It's all too easy to get overwhelmed by the self-publishing process. But don't worry. I'm here to help you along the journey, and together we can plot your route and get you to your destination.

Feel free to email with for a no-obligation discussion about how we can work together, or submit your book proposal here.

I'm also looking for travel bloggers and travel writers who want to turn their blogs or travel memoirs into an ebook, so that I can use our collaboration as a Case Study for my Travel Writing series. If you're interested in collaborating on this, email me at birdsofafeatherpress@gmail.com




How does the Birds of a Feather Collective Work?:

A collective provides a collaborative environment for authors to retain their independence and freedom but at the same time provides a sense of unity and belonging.

Each member of the collective retains the rights to their own work and makes their own publishing decisions, and more importantly, each author in the collective retains their own profits. Make your own choices, set and reach your own dreams, but share the journey with a group who can appreciate your achievements.

Being an independent author can sometimes be a lonely journey, and even family member's and friends can lose interest in your minor and major achievements, but you will always be able to rely on the support and understanding of the collective to share your knowledge, learnings, failures, fears and mistakes. All for one and one for all!

Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to check a book blurb or proofread the marketing materials you've created to promote your new book. Maybe you need inspiration on how to write a series of tweets to get maximum exposure and impact during your next book launch, or want to bounce some book concept ideas off somebody else in the same niche as you. The scenarios when you need a second or third opinion are endless, and that's the true power of the collective, there's always somebody there who has your back, and your best interests at heart.

If you would like to join the Birds of a Feather Collective, please request an invite.

Access to ISBN's

Being part of the Birds of a Feather Collective also allows you the option of using one of our ISBNs and publishing under the Birds of a Feather Press publishing imprint.

Whereas an single ISBN from Bowker costs $125, all members of the collective get the opportunity to purchase ISBN's at a fraction of the cost ($10). More details on request.

  • Can you give me more information about ebook formatting? I was planning on creating an ebook using word. Now I’m concerned that I will have problems with the layout displaying correctly ….. can you help? thank you for your help, Sally

  • Interested in being part of your collective … I’m a travel writer, and have been thinking about writing a hybrid guide book and travel narrative. Would this be of interest?

    • Hi Adam … thanks for your interest. Yes a hybrid guide would fit in with the niche I’m building, but would have to read it to know if it’s a fit. I saw you requested a Collective invite .. so with follow up with you directly. Thanks, Jay

  • I’m a travel blogger and found you via your personal blog and your list of 100+ travel blogs accepting guest posts article. I’d like to turn my blog into an ebook .. please can you contact me so that I can find out more about how you can help me get published?

    • Hello Faith .. yes that blog page brings me loads of traffic, so glad it captured your attention too. I followed the same path as you, and turned my Travel Blog into a Book … it’s quite a lot of work .. but well worth it. You might be interested in a new series of books I’m writing. It’s a 4-part series called “How to Write a Travel Guide” … I’m emailing you now about what publishing help you need. Thanks, Jay

  • We are Interested such as you. I’m a traveller and have been considering about writing a mixed guide book and travel narrative. Would this be of interest

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