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# Added Website URL Guest Blogging Guidelines Summary of the type of content these blogs are looking for
1 April 2017 Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide


Guest Blogging Guidelines GB Guest Blogger LogoThis is my Travel website for Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula. I accept insight articles aimed at independent travellers who want to get off the beaten path and avoid tourist hubs. I also accept general information articles about travelling and visiting Turkey. Please send a synopsis of your blog post idea in the pitch.
2 April 2017 Roving Jay – Nomadic Adventures in Wonderland


Guest Blogging Guidelines GB Guest Blogger LogoIf you have informative articles about House Sitting, I accept guest articles on this blog. I provide a follow-back link to your blog, but the articles need to add value to the reader. Please send a synopsis of your blog post idea in the pitch.
3 April 2017 Birds of a Feather Press


Guest Blogging Guidelines GB Guest Blogger LogoThere’s Four ways to contribute to Birds of a Feather Press: Share your Travel Writing Tips – Share your indie author or self-publishing expertise. – Take part in our non-fiction author interview series (for bloggers who have published a book) – Write for our Nomadic Times column (for bloggers who lead a nomadic lifestyle, work remotely, or have something inspirational, informative or educational to share about travel writing and travel blogging)
4 April 2017 The EducationalTourist


 Guest Blogging Guidelines Travel with the Kids: The Educational Tourist explores the world through family adventures; teaching parents how to make memories with children. All guest posts should be between 300-500 words in length.

Contact Natalie

5 April 2017 A New Traveller


Guest Blogging Guidelines We’re always on the lookout for new writers, photographers and videographers who share a passion for the world, culture, people, adventure and travel. We are particularly interested in strong photo and video content, stories that evoke a strong sense of place or thoughtfulness, stories that offer insider tips and useful information for how to travel to a destination, as well as a polished and distinctive writing style. Email all pitches to Editor-in-Chief Nicola Brown at with subject line “Pitch:” followed by a brief description of your idea.
6 April 2017 Angela Travels


Guest Blogging Guidelines Do you have a travel experience you would like to share? Please email me with your trip topic, along with your blog (if you have one). (Also offers guest posts)
7 April 2017 Global Grasshopper


Guest Blogging Guidelines We welcome good quality articles and photographic posts from budding travel writers and photographers. This blog is for independent travellers embarking on a journey to unravel the secrets of the world’s most unique, under-the-radar and beautiful places. Whether you are a backpacker, a flashpacker or just prefer to holiday away from the crowds.
8 April 2017 Indie Travel Podcast


Guest Blogging Guidelines We’re not interested in glossy sales language that tries to convince people this destination is just perfect, we’re interested in stories that show real people interacting with the place they are in, or stories that help people get a feel for a place they’ve never been — and that help them decide if it’s for them.

Contact Craig or Linda

9 April 2017 Trails Unblazed


Guest Blogging Guidelines Focus on hiking, camping, adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, wildlife, etc. High quality photos and/or videos.
10 April 2017 Lost Girls World


Guest Blogging Guidelines Dispatches from the Road, Travel Guides, Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, North America, AsiaPacific Travel, Travel News, Ask the Travel Coach, Los Girl of the Week, Art Travel News. (A lot more specifics on their website).

Contact Holly, Amanda or Jennifer

11 April 2017 In The Know Traveler


Guest Blogging Guidelines We are looking for writers focusing on the following subjects: travel photography, international music, adventure, family, working with a travel agency.

Contact Devin

12 April 2017 2 Backpackers Guest Blogging Guidelines Single Travel Photo of the Day, Photo Essays, Tavel Videos and of course travel writing. Our blog is extremely visual, therefore we look for articles that focus heavily on pictures. High quality photo essays work best. Articles with a lot of text and few or low quality photographs won’t do well on our site.
13 April 2017 Day Out In London Guest Blogging Guidelines I am on the look out for London based bloggers or writers to contribute reviews, guides or guest posts to this website. If you live in London and think you can write entertaining and informative reviews then you may be exactly what I am looking for! In return for your review I’m happy to link to your blog, website or social media account.
14 April 2017 Jetting Around Guest Blogging Guidelines If you have an article idea that involves cities, I’d like to hear from you! I look for destination posts (to-dos, stories, events) and photo essays, highlighting a city or a neighborhood
15 April 2017 Do It While You’re Young Guest Blogging Guidelines Destination Details– we’re looking for posts that will give an insider’s view on where to stay, what to do and where to dine.
Reader Perspective – first-hand perspective pieces from readers who have traveled, studied, worked or volunteered abroad.
Hotel Aficionado – Tell us about your favorite.
Trip Review – if you have recently done an organized tour (Contiki and GAP Adventures are great examples), share your experience and your tips for future travelers.
Getting Hostel – Review the hostel.
Products We Heart – Do you keep track of the most useful, cutest, coolest products that make life and travel easier? Help our readers find the best products by putting together articles of recommendations.
16 April 2017 Hobo with a Laptop Guest Blogging Guidelines We’re looking for articles about your origin story, tools you use, how you monetize your blog, local travel guides or tips, reviews of products, services, accommodations, and more.
17 April 2017 Digital Nomad Travel Magazine Guest Blogging Guidelines We publish both well-known and budding talents and we’d be delighted to hear from you with your proposal for contribution.  The main requirement?  Ooze adventure in your travel writing and/or photography.
18 April 2017 Global Gallivanting Guest Blogging Guidelines Due to a high demand for guest posts I’m currently only accepting guest posts that are working abroad or volunteering abroad interviews that have not been covered already – please check the archives of interviews and articles about working abroad.
19 April 2017 Nomadship Guest Blogging Guidelines We are happy to hear your stories and post your life-changing experiences working as a digital nomad. What are we looking for in a guest post?

  • Stories about succeeding in freelancing world. Nowadays many people say that making money online is impossible. Are they right?
  • Stories about developing your career through tough competition on freelancing websites.
  • Stories about starting your own business (company) online.
    Stories about traveling the world and working as a digital nomad, like we do.
20 April 2017 Home is where your bag is Guest Blogging Guidelines You want to publish a guest post on our blog? We’re always happy about interesting Southeast Asia (or generally Asia) related guest posts, as well as helpful general articles about traveling. Therefore, we’ve put together a little guide for upcoming guest authors.
21 April 2017 Without Boxes Guest Blogging Guidelines If you lead an unusual lifestyle, we invite you to come write for us! We accept guest post submissions, as long as you have something inspiring or useful to share with our readers. You need to offer actionable advice or real world stories. You must have a personal connection to your post.
22 April 2017 Travel Tamed Guest Blogging Guidelines

Please note we only accept for publication original TRAVEL related content which might include but not be limited to destination guides, hotel reviews, how to guides, travel tech, vacation activities and so forth.

23 April 2017 Britain Outdoors Guest Blogging Guidelines
  • Any destinations across the UK that you have visited and wish to tell the world about. Anything outdoor related from across the UK. Travelling adventures. Weird and wonderful holiday adventures
24 April 2017 Travel Belles Guest Blogging Guidelines We only accept guest post submissions from legitimate travel bloggers who have an official travel blog website. Narrative and how-to articles, plus first-hand travel experience.
25 April 2017 Lost Girls World Guest Blogging Guidelines We are currently seeking talented writers to contribute posts, travel essays and service-oriented articles to Lost Girls World. Our readers turn to us as a trusted source of advice and information on ways to fit adventure and exploration into their everyday lives. They’re seeking to fuel and fulfill their wanderlust, and are inspired by stories of other Lost Girls currently on the road and living out their travel wish-lists. Because they want to find the best, most rewarding route to their own dream destinations, Lost Girls World provides smart, service-oriented articles that will help them get there-without sacrificing their career goals or breaking the bank.
26 April 2017 Indie Travel Podcast Guest Blogging Guidelines We’re not interested in glossy sales language that tries to convince people that a destination is just perfect, we’re interested in stories that show real people interacting with the place they are in, or stories that help people get a feel for a place they’ve never been — and that help them decide if it’s for them.
27 April 2017 Done That Australia Guest Blogging Guidelines We are looking for any articles that fit within our ‘Dog-Friendly Camping and 4×4 in Australia’ theme. We would also love to hear about any dog parks that you have been to. The articles and photos must be your own work and not featured on another website or anywhere else.
28 April 2017 Digital Nomad Girls


Guest Blogging Guidelines Think you would be a great location expert for your homebase? We have a network of digital nomad girls around the world that act as representatives for their home cities. Digital Nomad Girls is the largest community of location independent girls online – your online home away from home.

Other common types of blog posts:

  • Destination of the Month – short overviews of nomad hotspots
  • Listicles – Short and fun blog posts that list the Top X locations, coworking spaces, and tools.
  • Full Destination Guides – these take more work and could be co-written by multiple contributors. We’d LOVE more of these!
  • Interviews – we interview nomad girls from around the world with interesting/unusual online jobs. If you’re a digital nomad girl with an interesting/weird/quirky job and want to take part in our “So you want to be a….” series.
29 April 2017 Almost Fearless


Guest Blogging Guidelines Almost Fearless is relaunching May 1st, 2017 as a digital and print magazine. These guidelines are for the website only. We are actively looking for and assigning articles.

1. Service articles for adventure + children: teach us how to do X with kids – using expert guidance, advice from experienced parents and meaningful science. Pay range: $150 – $250

2. The science of parenting and/or adventure: tell us about breaking research that changes how we think about parenting, travel, languages, adventure, children’s education, or risk. Pay range: $150 – $250

3. Essays: These should be a thought-provoking look at our culture, parenting, travel, or outdoor adventure. Pay range: $75 – $125

4. Gear / book / movie reviews: alert us to an exceptional new piece of gear, an awesome book or stellar documentary in a way that is both fun to read and timely. Pay range: $50 – $75

5. Lists: These are fun, quirky, and visually stunning round-ups with 200 word setup and a sentence or two per photograph. Pay range: $50

30 April 2017 The Travel Manuel Guest Blogging Guidelines Travel stories aren’t limited to only when you go on big trips. Local trips and pieces like “10 coffee-shops in Cape Town” all fall under our scope. Digital Nomad and Lifestyle articles are also accepted. “Lifestyle” is an extremely broad category so you pretty much have free-reign, if you are unsure just pop us a quick mail and we’ll let you know if it fits. 🙂

Contact Vaughan or Lauren

31 April 2017 Little Things Travel


Guest Blogging Guidelines Guest Posts: We accept any travel related topics, but are especially interested in those that can work in their appreciation of the little things into their story. Personal narratives, how-to posts, and roundups are all welcomed. These should be no shorter than 400 words.

Little Things Travel Talk: This is an ongoing series comprised of the following two features. You can choose to participate in one or both!

  • Tour Your Hometown: These posts are a short interview about your hometown and appreciating hometown travel, whether you have lived there your entire life or you just moved and now call that place home.
  • Travel Moments: These posts are for you to share one moment from your travels that really impacted you or captured your attention. This could be something that impacted your life every day since, or it could be something that simply put a smile on your face. These should be between 150 and 300 words.

Contact Marissa

32 April 2017 Go Abroad


Guest Blogging Guidelines is committed to providing the most comprehensive international education and alternative travel resources. Our user-generated reviews, verified program listings, comprehensive interviews, and authoritative articles aim to help future travelers see the world intentionally and thoughtfully.

If you are passionate about a certain destination, are looking for productive ways to continue processing your experience abroad, or are just looking to get your feet wet as a travel writer, you’ve come to the WRITE place (get it?).

33 April 2017 Indie Travel


Guest Blogging Guidelines Our blog features a wide range of travel related content and our aim is to provide prospective travelers a sneak peek to their next travel destination. We love to share our tips and ideas about traveling as a way of  life with our readers and anyone who’s interested in all things travel. We are in search for bloggers and travelers who can pen down their experiences & creativity and share their stories with our readers.
34 April 2017 Tour Radar* Guest Blogging Guidelines We love getting guest post articles that are about peoples travel stories, personal travel recommendations, food posts (yum!) and even travel photography.
35 April 2017 Traveling Nine to Fiver


Guest Blogging Guidelines We are currently accepting guest posts focusing on destinations not currently featured on the blog ranging from top activities in a city, weekend getaway itineraries, best places to eat, where to stay, and similar topics.

Contact Megan

36 April 2017 eDreams


Guest Blogging Guidelines Be it interviews, exciting events around the world, gastronomy, responsible travel, must-see destinations, tourism news, airline information, videos … we are always on the lookout for new and exciting stories for our eDreams blog

eDreams is the largest online travel agency in Europe.

37 April 2017 Viator Guest Blogging Guidelines Join our writer database! Let us know your geographic areas of expertise, and we’ll contact you when we have an assignment that fits your qualifications.
38 April 2017 Stop Having a Boring Life


Guest Blogging Guidelines After years of traveling and writing, I realized that SHABL can’t be everywhere at once and that our distinguished readers deserve a larger variety of content from credible sources.

Contact Rob

39 April 2017 The Planet D


Guest Blogging Guidelines Want to write for one of the leading travel websites in the Internet? We’re looking for articles on inspirational travel, photo stories, tips, top 10’s, and your experiences traveling the world.

Contact Dave and Deb

40 April 2017 Look At Our World Guest Blogging Guidelines With travel being such a broad term, you are not just limited to those massive 3 years saving trips.  We want those little hidden local gems such as “That Pie Place in Ferndale, Queensland”.  We also accept lifestyle posts, so if you have something you want to say and are not sure if its something we would post.  Please get in touch and we can let you know.

Contact Lee or Tina

41 June 2017 Just Travelling Solo Guest Blogging Guidelines We will love articles about solo travel, travel memoirs, travel guides and hacks. Mostly related to travel but affiliated posts or marketing posts are a big no-no. Make sure your word count fall between 800-1200.

Contact Carla

42 June 2017 Elite Travel Blog


Guest Blogging Guidelines Travel guest posts are open to genuine travel bloggers looking for further exposure, we also love to showcase amazing travel infographics and interesting travel news.

Contact Timothy

43 June 2017 Migrating Miss


Guest Blogging Guidelines I’ve feature expat interviews to hear why people might choose to move abroad, and how they do it.

Contact Sonja

44 June 2017 Globe Rovers Magazine


Guest Blogging Guidelines We welcome any interesting and original submissions (not appearing elsewhere other than your own website) of between 1,200 and 2,000 words. Your article must be of interest to intrepid travellers, so should be about off-the-beaten track destinations. We don’t care about shopping in London or dog-spotting in Paris as we’re all done with that adventure. Should we accept your submission, it will appear here and may also be selected for our print and online magazine. At this stage we don’t offer any compensation for your hard work as we are still young and growing. Once we are grown up and making decent money, you certainly will be remembered. Send submissions to editor[at]
45 July 2017


Guest Blogging Guidelines Portugalist is open to publishing guest posts from other travel bloggers, writers, and websites. So if you’ve recently had a city break in Lisbon or spent a few days in the Algarve, this could be an opportunity for you to write about it.
46 August 2017 www.holitdaytourst  

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Guest Post always welcome ! If you are professional writer and want to post about travel experience, tourist places, travel tips, hotels and foods (related to travel & tours).
47 August 2017 www.roundtheworldmagazine Guest Blogging Guidelines We are looking for high quality travel blogs with useful information. How to save money, how to cross a border, tips for transport, etc. Photo Essays, How to spend time in a certain place (i.e. How to spend 3 days in Goa), Destination Guides, Accommodation reviews, Transport reviews, Equipment reviews.
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