Recharge your social batteries with a Podcast

If you’re an introvert that is surrounded by family and friends this year you may need to take some time for yourself to recharge your social batteries.

Taking time for yourself is a way for you to get back your energy back when other humans suck it out of you!

Solitude and Exercise

I’ve been taking long 6 mile walks, and have been walking a marathon a week (emphasis on the walking!) since we started our house sitting gig in the South Bay, Los Angeles. This time is great for getting my thoughts organised, and I also like using that time to catch up with Podcasts I’ve missed, or that I want to listen to again.

I wrote an Round Up article of Indie Author Podcasts for the The Self-Publishing Advice Centre earlier this week, and it has the playlists for the Indie Author Fringe podcast and the month Ask ALLi podcast, where Orna Ross and Joanna Penn answer questions from ALLi members. I’ve included a couple more playlists on the article. Read and Listen here:

Our round-up of Indie Author Podcasts for your Holiday Listening

More Podcasts

Here’s a couple more podcasts for your listening pleasure, this article by 

How to Energize and Recharge Your Introverted Batteries

Here’s Katherine Mackenzie-Smith of The League of Extraordinary Introverts featured on the Introvert Entrepreneur, she’s a life and business coach helping introverts understand themselves:

Ep138: Katherine Mackenzie-Smith of The League of Extraordinary Introverts

Do you have any podcasts that you listen to frequently? They can be on any topic — just let us know podcasts inspires you.

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December 24, 2016

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  • I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how much I enjoyed your Recharge your social batteries with a Podcast post.

  • How many among us don’t need to recharge our batteries. I love podcasts. Have you considered doing one for your author interviews, they’d be really good for that?