Non-Fiction Author Coaching

Let's get those writing muscles in shape

  • Jay Artale Headshot smallAre you ready to start writing that book you know you can write?
  • Or maybe you've already started writing but are spinning your wheels because you're feeling overwhelmed?
Don't worry, even the most experienced authors need a little help to stay on track, and I'm here to help.
I can help you set a clear vision for your project, boost your confidence, and help you maintain your momentum to achieve your self-publishing goals.  


Establish a clear vision for your book and it's content.


Gain the confidence you need to start your book.


Maintain the momentum you need to finish your book.

Being a writer means that your head is always going to be full of ideas, but you have to channel your enthusiasm into a solid writing plan. If you don't, your goal of becoming a published author will remain just outside of your grasp.

Every author has their own unique set of challenges so during our introductory coaching session we'll assess the challenges you're facing and I'll develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your author goals.

What's your story?

Every book has to have a beginning, middle, and end, and your own writing journey is no different. I offering coaching for every step along the way.


  • The process of writing your non-fiction book needs to be built on a strong foundation. When you spend time in the planning stages your writing experience will be more effective and successful.


  • When your enthusiasm starts to wane, I will keep you accountable and on track.


  • You've written your book, now what? There are many confusing self-publishing decisions and choices you need to make when you've finished your book. I will help guide you through your self-publishing process and let you know the optimal path for your skill-level and budget. 


Feel free to contact me for a no-commitments conversation to discuss what your options are. I can coach you from beginning to end of your book project, or just help you through a specific segment the you're struggling with.

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Coaching Feedback and Reviews from other authors

Wow! If you need research for your niche and next book - use Jay's service. This is amazing help I really needed. Thank you, Jay! I am so glad to keep working with you.~~ Sharon French

Kimeka Author Coaching Review

Author Kimeka Campbell, Harrisburg, PA