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Do you want to know what your Book Cover will look like in all the different display positions that are offered by Amazon?

The Author Marketing Club offers a free Bookalyzer report based on your book’s Amazon ID. The results includes an invaluable feature, which shows you what your book cover will look when it’s displayed in different places across the Amazon platform.

Step by Step process to view your book cover across Amazon

Enter your Amazon ASIN

Just enter your Book’s ASIN (which can be found on your KDP Bookshelf page, or in the Product Details of your Amazon Product Page).

Author Marketing Club Bookalyzer Free Author Tools

Review the Cover Graphics section of the Bookalyse results page

Author Marketing Club Bookalyzer Free Author Tools Book Cover Results

Your books displays at different sizes depending on where it’s being displayed on Amazon:

  1. Search Results Page ~100x160px
  2. Home & Bestseller Pages ~95x150px
  3. Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought section ~65X100px
  4. More to Explore Sidebars ~57x90px
  5. Frequently Bought Together section ~47x75px

Best Practice Cover Design

Any cover designer worth their salt will already know about the different dimensions displayed across the Amazon universe, but if you’re designing your own cover this tool will be a useful for checking how your book displays in the different places books show up to your readers. If your cover is too busy, or has too much text it may work in the Search Results page, but once it gets shrunk down to size on the Frequently Bought Together section it could get overlooked by a potential reader.

There are so many opportunities for having your book displayed on Amazon that you should consider it’s appeal in the range of dimensions used on it’s platform. Each impression is an opportunity to grab your reader’s attention and entice them to click on your cover – it’s a key path to purchase, so make sure you’re giving your book the best chance of getting discovered.

Click here to use this free Author Marketing Club tool to see what your cover looks like on Amazon.

NOTE: This free Bookalyzer tool offers other insights an information, but this Book Cover feature is what grabbed my attention as it provides an easy way to view your book cover in a different dimension!

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