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Help me choose a cover

Choosing Your Book Cover

Does your book have a new cover design and now you need to choose the one you’re going to use to self-publish your book? Whether you’re working with a cover designer, using a cover design service, or designing your own cover you could end up with the same dilemma: “which cover should I choose?”

3 Ways to generate Cover Designs

Working with a Cover Designer

When you work with a professional cover designer they’ll usually send you a small selection of mock up covers and it’s your job to choose which version you want to refine and perfect. My cover designer sends me three versions of a cover design using different art and fonts each each one so that I can decide which version I want her to continue working on.

Working with a Cover Designer Service

When you work with a cover design service like 99 Designs, a selection of cover designers will submit their mock ups and you decide which designer you want to work with. You can ask for tweaks or edits from a short list of cover designers before committing to work with your favorite designer, and then you work with them to create refined versions of your final cover.

Designing your own Cover

If you’re designing your own cover you may have strong feelings about one of the key elements in your cover design (font, image, layout, color scheme) but with so many colors and fonts available you can end up with multiple versions of the same cover and have difficulty choosing which version your prefer.

In each of these scenarios you’ll end up with different versions of your book cover. At the beginning of the process you’ll have to choose between completely different cover concepts, but as you proceed with the cover design process it is easy to get analysis-paralysis on the minutiae of each design element. If that happens, a good options is submit your cover to a free service called Help Me Choose A Cover.

Help Me Choose A Cover, Step-by-Step

Upload at least two, or a maximum of four sample covers on the Help Me Choose A Cover website:

Help Me Choose A Cover

Your covers will get their own Voting Page and visitors will be able to click on the cover their prefer or on the corresponding letter (e.g. A, B, C, or D)

Help Me Choose A Cover

Votes are displayed in a Results grid so you’ll be able to see which cover is getting the most favorable feedback. Voters can also leave a comment on the Voting page.

Help Me Choose A Cover

Now you have input from potential readers about which cover they prefer.

To help raise awareness to your Cover Design voting process you can promote it across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This not only helps drive voting traffic to your voting page, but it helps to raise awareness of your upcoming book.

If you’ve used Help me Choose a Cover please leave a comment below and let us know about your experience.

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