Digital Nomad Interview with Toni Bullo, Graphic/Creative Designer for the #ConsumelessMed project

ConsumelessMed Project Toni cooking lunch at the co-working space

Jay Artale Author Writer BioI’m an avid learner. There’s nothing better than diving into a new topic and picking it apart to see how to do it, and then as I’m learning, trying to see how to improve a process. It’s that same passion and desire that brought Toni back for his 2nd attempt at a workation. His first wasn’t very successful because it didn’t have a plan or a strong project manager like Alberto Mattei, but he found more success with this project.

Nomadic Times, columnist Mel Candea introduced us to the #ConsumelessMed project in her guest article An American in Sicily: A Workation to Remember. During this project Mel interviewed some of her collaborators and over the coming weeks we’re bringing you a series of digital nomad interview with her team members.

Toni Bullo for the ConsumelessMed Project

Mel Candea

Mel Candea

Columist: Mel Candea

Toni Bullo is one of those creatives that just exudes a love of his craft. And a love of life.

We’d stayed at his home in Vigevano in our van and got to know him a little. Armando had met him on a ‘digital nomad’ site and they bonded over professionalism in their fields.

At the workation, Toni was also our chef for meals we had at ‘home.’ We’d have fresh locally grown and produced food delivered daily, and he’d make them into these amazingly succulent meals – sometimes up to 12+ people – with a smile.

He was Armando’s wingman with the clap board, too.

Toni with the clap boardBriefly describe your digital nomad career:

I discovered it 10 years ago. I found it by chance when I was job hunting in Italy and it was a really nice surprise. But I wish I’d also looked at other countries, where the market is better.

ConsumelessMed Project Ragusa in the late afternoon

Ragusa in the late afternoon

Where do you live now and what do you do?

Vigevano and Sardinia, plus some time in India. I work as a specialist in packaging as a graphic designer, but I prefer the term creative designer. Part of my growth has been creativity.

How did you connect with the workation/selection?

I found out about it because I’d done some writing for Nomadi Digitali, I applied and was selected.

What are your immediate plans (after this)?

I’d like to create and run my own small business. Or businesses.

What are your long-term plans?

The work I’ve recently done on the workation has created new opportunities. I’d like to put together several small businesses to create a network, working together.

What advice do you have for anyone organizing a workation?

To be generous, to give and to be part of the group, instead of commenting. To work for the project, not yourself.

What advice would you give new DNs interested in your specialty?

As a creative designer, you have to give, be fearless – and at the same time, stay relaxed.

Name your favorite quote (the one you live by):

“Give. Do. And don’t just talk about it.”

What’s your favorite Sicilian dish?

Ricotta Ravioli with Marjoram.

Describe the highlight of this workation.

The sensation of still learning.

What are you taking away with you from this experience?

A lot. Before, I only had an idea of a workation. This was a real experience, with the possibility to see places and work as a team.

This was my second workation. The first one, nothing was done. There was no project, no group. It didn’t really happen. This one, it’s kind of sad to leave – I really enjoyed it.

 View from the top at an organic farm ConsumelessMed Project

View from the top at an organic farm

What would you do if you couldn’t be a digital nomad (imagine no WiFi… gasp!):

I’d still look for something I’m passionate about: graphic design. Using my imagination, creating images, drawing. I’d look for a way to live on those skills. I’ve never felt complete as a professional, because there’s always something new to learn. That’s why I did this workation at 60 years old.

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Author Bio for Mel Candea

Mel CandeaMel Candea has been an online writer for 9 years and a digital nomad for 6. She slow travels Europe with her husband in their van. She splits her time between working from the road and exploring the countries and their cultures. Mel is a voracious reader, an avid writer, a partial photographer and a believer in trying to leave places better than how they were found. If at all possible.

You can find her journeys with her Italian husband Armando (filmmaker), their dog Ziggy and their van Mork here: