Digital Nomad Interview with Armando Costantino, filmmaker for the #ConsumelessMed project

Armando Costantino from the ConsumelessMed project

Jay Artale Author Writer BioIf you’re active on the blogosphere or social media you know how important video is. In today’s fast-paced world your audience has a short-attention span and wants the flexibility of consuming your content in all formats. So if you’re a travel writer you need to be able to create written, audio, and video versions of your content for consumption.

Armando, who was the film-maker on the ConsumelessMed project – used video to capture the essence of the message for this project, and used his talent to make sure the audience connected with it.

Nomadic Times, columnist Mel Candea introduced us to the #ConsumelessMed project in her guest article An American in Sicily: A Workation to Remember. During this project Mel interviewed some of her collaborators and over the coming weeks we’re bringing you a series of digital nomad interview with her team members.

Mel CandeaColumist: Mel Candea

Armando Costantino is half of Westfalia Digital Nomads and was the filmmaker for the ConsumelessMed project. I admit I may be a little bit biased as we’re married and live/travel/work together in our van (called Mork). 🙂

However, he wasn’t just filming: he trekked through towns at all hours for footage to create the main film; did animation for the intro film; filmed short pieces of the locals; and filmed the workation itself. The final video he made for the project was just recently chosen as the ‘video of the month’ for May on Lonely Planet’s Pathfinder. (Very cool.)

Armando Costantino from the ConsumelessMed project

Armando, briefly describe your digital nomad career:

I worked for many years as a professional in my field (filmmaking) and I felt it was time to travel. That I needed to.

It pushed me into using what I know and the skills I have for making money to travel. And I had the confidence I could do my job well. It’s taken some time, but it’s paid off.

Where do you live now and what do you do?

I live in a van with my wife and my dog, and we’re (still) traveling Europe. We’ve been on the road since 2012. My job is mainly as a videographer, using video to communicate.

Armando Costantino from the ConsumelessMed project

Mork, Armando and Mels van parked Outside the Co-living Villa

How did you connect with the workation/selection?

I knew Alberto from doing guest posts for Nomadi Digitali, and he mentioned the project and sent a link to apply. I applied and I was chosen.

What are your immediate plans (after this)?

To try and have a vacation. I’m excited to discover new countries like Albania and Croatia this summer, because the unknown always inspires my creativity.

Armando Costantino from the ConsumelessMed project

Armando checking out the Cheese Producers with Alberto

What are your long-term plans?

I want to develop more of ‘our stuff,’ not just work for clients. I also want to continue building up ‘auto-income,’ or money I get from my stock footage. I’d really just like to be able to focus on my projects.

Armando Costantino from the ConsumelessMed project

Ragusa at Night

What advice do you have for anyone organizing a workation?

First of all, choose professionals. It’s the most important part. Another thing is to be aware of the human part of co-living. Try to accommodate personalities to make the experience smooth.

Don’t forget to give people free time outside of work, don’t have them cooped up in one room for the whole time. They’ll be more productive with relaxing moments in between.

What advice would you give new DNs interested in your specialty? Tips? Gain experience?

Videography’s a huge field, so try to focus on your specific expertise, interests or skills. Shoot, edit, test and experiment as much as you can in your free time. And it’s really important to have your own website showcasing your videos. It’s a filmmaker’s business card.

Name your favorite quote (the one you live by):

Happy wife, happy life. Or: Don’t do today what you can do tomorrow. There’s enough time to enjoy your life, so enjoy it.

What’s your favorite Sicilian dish?

Pignolata, which comes from my father’s home town. It’s fried dough dipped in honey and nuts – and it’s my favorite sweet.

Describe the highlight of this workation.

Being part of a group; the challenge of completing the work in such a short time; and meeting the locals. The contact with the locals and their lives was more in-depth than if I were just a tourist. I felt like part of a bigger family and welcomed as a family member.

Armando Costantino from the ConsumelessMed project

Group Photo of the #ConsumeLessMed Team in Modica

What are you taking away with you from this experience?

I have more confidence in working as part of a team. Digital nomads are known for being lone wolves, so I added another skill to my set in working with other professionals on the same project.

It was also nice not just working with them, but getting to know them personally. We shared space, we ate together, we went on trips together. I got to know them as people, not just professionals.

What would you do if you couldn’t be a digital nomad (imagine no WiFi… gasp!):

I’d still be a filmmaker. I started with film, not digital cameras, and I learned how to edit with a moviola, not with a computer. I was raised analog, so I really wouldn’t have a problem returning to it and not being digital.

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Author Bio for Mel Candea

Mel CandeaMel Candea has been an online writer for 9 years and a digital nomad for 6. She slow travels Europe with her husband in their van. She splits her time between working from the road and exploring the countries and their cultures. Mel is a voracious reader, an avid writer, a partial photographer and a believer in trying to leave places better than how they were found. If at all possible.

You can find her journeys with her Italian husband Armando (filmmaker), their dog Ziggy and their van Mork here: