BookFunnel Bundles available in Beta

BookFunnel Bundles

Hot off the press from BookFunnel:

You can now easily build book bundles and group promotions right on BookFunnel. Team up with other authors in your genre and host the promotion here, or bundle up your own freebies into a single BookFunnel page!

Go straight to the Bundles page on your dashboard and get started. We are still adding features to our new Bundler toy, so we have slapped the beta flag on it for now, but never fear! It is stable and ready for you to start using TODAY.

What makes Bundles so great?

  • Build an attractive group author promo page in minutes. Yes, really.
  • Personalize your BookFunnel Bundle link and change which bundle it points to over time, so you can use the same links over and over again for your promos
  • Upload a header image and put together a great-looking promo page in no time
  • Easily manage the BookFunnel links in the bundle. If a link is expired or invalid, we will tell you!
  • Set a start date and end date, and even add a “Coming soon!” or “Sorry guys, this promotion has expired” message
  • Randomize the book covers to give equal billing to all participating authors (And even feature your own book or headlining books so they are always at the top!)
  • Use powerful features to customize your promotion: make certain books available only on certain days, run a promo that shows one new book each day, limit every book in the promo to 10 copies so they become unavailable as they are redeemed, and many more we haven’t thought of; we can’t wait to see what you come up with

Don’t do the whole “Group Promo” thing”?

No problem! You can also use Bundles to…

  • Build a “bundle” of one with a personalized BookFunnel link
  • Bundle your starter library, PDF coloring pages, and more into one simple link to send to new subscribers
  • Do you serialize your fiction on BookFunnel? Perfect! Create a bundle and send readers to the SAME bundle link every week. Readers can download previous episodes to get caught up without emailing you for past episode links! Less support for you.

Creating Bundles

I’m not quite at a point to build bundles yet, but it’s something I know I’ll have a use for in the future.

Travel writing prompts free pdf workbook

I recently started adding a series of FREE PDF Travel Writing Prompt downloads to my BookFunnel account. I’ve released the first of ten, and when I’ve released them all, they’d make a great bundle.

These books were inspired by my Freewriting for Travel Writers ebook and are workbooks using the prompts included in the book. So another bundle could be my ebook and all of the pdf workbooks.

Freewriting for travel writers ebook